Only one ship is under command: torpedoboat, destroyer, gunboat, cruiser or battleship.
At tis time in the game only torpedoboats and destroyers are available for command. As soon as theirs mechanics are polished bigger and more complicated ships will be added to the game.
Manual ship command: artillery, damage control and crew management.
Artillery fire can be managed manually by giving angles to aim horizontally and vertically and also player can set guns to fire automatically. There are several types of artillery: main, secondary and tertiary (antimine) artillery. Any type of artillery can be managed separately. Crew members can be assigned to a different ship's part to enforce them temporary.
The possibility to command different ships in detachment.
Other ships can be assigned to player’s detachment. They will be in a formation and follow player’s orders. For example it is possible to order one or several ships to attack enemy and then return to a formation.
Realistic physics of compartments flooding and buoyancy.
The hull is divided into compartments which can be flooded separately. Ship will be listing realistically. Flooding can be fixed. Later when ship with many compartments will appear in the game there will be a possibility to counterflood compartments to straighten the ship.
Mission editor with the possibility to set mission objectives.
Mission editor allows to create missions, set ship groups with waypoints and their behavior, define mission objectives and tasks for player. This tool gives the possibility to implement any scenario at player’s choice.
Map of Kvantun’s peninsula and main ports: Port-Arthur, Dalniy, Elliot’s islands.
The main map represents Kvantun peninsula with coastal waters where all main actions occured during siege of Port-Arthur. Thus Port-Arthur and it’s harbor are the main base and will be modelled with the highest precision.